Installing wainscoting and decorative trim will dramatically change a rooms look and feel.  We will
measure out and install trim, stained or painted, filling nail holes and caulking all seams.
(carpenters will not fill nail holes, they leave this time consuming task to the painters)
We can install faux wainscoting in any size panels, even to set movie posters in for a theatre effect.
Painting Wainscoting can be performed to two ways, and each technique allows for a smooth
glass like finish, if the proper paint coating is applied and done correctly.  Spraying a durable,
premium latex paint coating is the easiest way to assure a smooth finish, but not all situations
allow for spraying.  Brushing a paint coating must be done with an absolute premium paint, using
the correct brush and brush techniques for a smooth finish.
There is nothing worse than seeing beautiful trim work with cheap paint applied, showing rigid
brush strokes throughout the room.
Stained trim is beautiful and receives Sikkens interior premium stains, the only drawback to
stained wood work is that it's not caulked to the walls.  Of course we always try to install the trim
as tight as possible to drywall, but there will always be somewhat of a gap.  Although, the stained
affect does not draw your eye to the gap as much as painted trim would with gaps.
After the wood work is stained, it will receive two finish coats of a polyurethane sealant in the
desired sheen, this adds beauty and protection.
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Probably the most important
thing to keep in mind when
deciding to install wainscoting,
there is no set way to the layout
and you have many choices of
decorative trim to choose from.
We can help with the trim design
and install, from start to finish.
Transform your home or room,
from standard flat walls to
elegance, giving a character and
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To have your project professionally finished with a strict work schedule, cleanliness and
professional work ethics, give us a call.   Talk with us about your project, ask questions, we'll be
happy to give you an estimate and any advice you may need, including color selection!