Installing modern baseboard, door and window casing can give your outdated home the look and
feel of new!   We can remove old trim without damaging painted walls, measure out and install new
trim, stained or painted with nail holes filled and caulk all seams.
Select from solid wood to paint or stain, or pressed primed board to be painted.
Modern base molding is typically taller than older outdated molding, it's hight usually measures
4" to 5" tall and has more detail than a homes previous trim.  Dated base board trim is usually
semi rounded and about 2" tall, and covered in many layers of paint over the years.
We can even use a combination of base molding to add thickness and detail, this is usually used
in older Victorian style homes.
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Base Board, Window and Door Casing!
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Our customers are amazed at how
beautiful their homes appearance
changes after we've installed new
modern base molding or door and
window casings.
As finish carpenters and painters,
we fill all nail holes, caulk all
seams and paint or stain.
Carpenters won't fill nail holes or
caulk, and painters don't install
trim molding.
We do it all!
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To have your project professionally finished with a strict work schedule, cleanliness and
professional work ethics, give us a call.   Talk with us about your project, ask questions, we'll be
happy to give you an estimate and any advice you may need, including color selection!
The same goes for dated window and door casings found in older homes, usually no detail,
small widths and many coats of paint.  We can also insure that all windows and doors are
insulated properly during the removal of old trim before installing new!  Home owners are
generally surprised by the "lack of" insulation around doors and windows.  This is especially
noticeable if the trim is not caulked, just place a small flame near the trim and watch it flicker.
Baseboard variety's
MDF Pressed Trim Molding
Hardwood Baseboard Trim
Hardwood Baseboard
MDF Presboard Baseboard