Up keep, or Improving you're homes overall look can be a daunting time consuming task, let
Tri-County Painting help you by completing you're "honey do list"
As we all know, the first step in preventative maintenance is to paint and or stain.  It's always less
expensive to keep up your home than it is to replace rotted siding or water damage drywall!  This
is especially true when it comes to the exterior of your home, and is easy to accomplish with the
Pittsburgh Timeless lifetime warranty paint. (paint one time and forget!).
We also repair water and fire damage after a licensed company has removed all moisture or soot.
Priming with oil based primers, installing new drywall and any trim molding that's needed.  
Making seamless drywall repairs is our specialty, and can either stain or paint the trim molding.
(and we fill nail holes!).
We've repaired many homes over the years, with professional results as if it was our own.  Being
masters at repairing drywall ceilings, walls and plaster, with no visible seams.  Repairing exterior
siding and trim boards of residential and commercial properties.  And minor water proofing of
basements, with excellent results from specifically designed paint coatings and caulks.
Painting &
House - Home Restoration - Drywall Repair
Home restoration, wood replacement.
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Whatever you're home improvement
project, no matter how big or small, we
can complete it professionally!
Exterior repairs such as water rotted or
dry rot on wood siding or trim boards,
cracked vinyl siding, decking boards,
barns, sheds, metal sheeting, etc.
Interior repairs such as drywall holes,
cracks or dents, chipped or broken trim
work, sticking doors, etc.
Do you have a minor basement leak?
We can caulk and paint you're
basement with special waterproofing
paints, giving a dry mildew free living
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