Painted stripes are a look of elegance, especially in low to high sheens vs varying colors.  Add
painted stripes to a formal dining area, kids bedroom, an office or sitting room to dramatically
change the feel.  Above faux wainscoting or bathroom walls for an old style Victorian look.
Mainly you'll see two different color styles and two different strip positions.  Depending on the
desired look and wall to be painted, stripes will either be horizontal or vertical.  Both add beauty,
and both give a totally different look to a room, we can digitally paint your room to help decide
which will look the best.  We'll also help you choose whether to use multiple colors, or one color
with varying sheens which you can see in the picture above in red.
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Interior Wall Stripes!
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Even use stripes on an accent wall
for added appeal.  Painted stripes
do cost more than a standard
accent wall, and the more colors
added the higher the cost.  But
with the look and feel of a finished
striped wall, the benefits definitely
outweigh the costs.
Also keep in mind that stripes take
longer to finish.  After the base
coat has dried the second color
can be applied after taping, usually
takes about two days.
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