Colored ceilings can make a room seem smaller, but the affect of making a room more intimate
greatly outweighs any negative affects.  Homes with high ceilings such as a great room or master
bedroom, offer a comfortable feeling with the addition of color other than white.  Colored ceilings
can give a specific use room a friendly atmosphere as well, such as library's, theatre room or office.
We are noticing that popcorn ceilings are becoming less popular, and flat ceilings are more in
demand.  So don’t just think about painting the walls the next time you plan to repaint, instead
decide on the best look for your ceilings and walls.  If you are repainting your bedroom or great
room, you will be spending years looking at your ceiling, so consider what color to paint your
ceiling for the most relaxing feeling. Choosing a soothing color will help you relax and fall asleep
faster, or feel warm and comfortable relaxing in the living room.
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Interior Ceiling Color Ideas!
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Another reason to add color to your
ceiling is to help soften contrasts
between walls and a ceiling.  Many
rooms have a wall color that
contrasts abruptly with a white
ceiling color.  Although, we still paint
white ceilings in most of our
customers homes, colored ceilings
are becoming a widely appreciated
trend.  If a ceiling is painted a light
tone of a complimenting color to the
walls, the color softens the contrast
and brings a feeling of comfort and
warmth into the room.
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We can provide (free of charge), ideas when choosing color combinations for your homes
ceilings and walls.
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