Adding accent color to a wall in a room will greatly enhance the characteristics of a room.  
Accents can be painted with colors within the same hue, or a contrasting color that flows with
the base color.  You'll be amazed at the transformation accent walls offer, and can be painted
in just about any room within your home.
Bottom line is, there are many advantages to the added cost and time of adding an accent wall.  
If you tire of the color it's generally an easy small wall to repaint, and imagine changing the color
to match the Holidays.  Accent walls also add value to your home, greatly impress family and
friends and become focal points during gatherings and parties.
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Interior Accent Wall Color Ideas!
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As elegant as accent walls look,
surprisingly the added cost of
painting one is not much more
than a standard paint job.
Usually one gallon of paint is all
that's needed to paint an entire
accent wall. The painted accent
surface can be in the same sheen
as the base color, or a different
sheen for an added contrast.
Or decide on a striped accent wall
to really add a decorative touch to
any room.
(see our wall stripe page)
We've done the research, now let us apply the findings.
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We can provide (free of charge), ideas when choosing color combinations for your homes
accent walls.
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