With todays interior paint technology we now have products that are highly washable, durable and
ultimately beautiful with professional low sheen finishes!  Prep work still being the most important
part of any interior painting project, we repair all interior drywall dents, cracks, any obvious
previous repairs and caulk all trim molding to interior walls and ceilings as needed.
Interior paints with ceramic micro spheres create a smooth and durable stain resistant finish, which
gives a non porous paint finish to keep stains on the surface for easy cleaning.  Ceramic paint is an
excellent choice for interior walls, especially in bathrooms for it's moisture resistant barrier.
Interior ceilings typically require no cleaning and receive a true flat sheen in white, the flatter the
sheen, the less likely to see interior drywall imperfections.  And with that being said, don't be afraid
of painting bold colors on your ceiling, they can dramatically change the look of your home.
Tri-County Painting also has premium interior trim molding and door paint in our arsenal, It's
extremely durable with a beautiful finish that dries smooth.  Never showing any brush strokes or
roller dimples for a professional interior paint finish.
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Interior washable walls with ceramic micro sphere technology
Custom Interior textured finishes
Interior paint technology gives us an
unbelievable advantage over our
competition. By standing to our promise
during these times to continue using
premium interior paints, unlike most of
our competitors.  But that's only part of
the process to achieving professional
results.  It's our commitment to each
home owner, from start to finish that
separates us from the rest of the painters.
We achieve this by being meticulous and
sticking to details inside your home
when it comes to preparation work.
We are 100% on prep work, ask other
contractors how detailed they are.
Remember, it pays to use premium products when it comes to your most expensive investment,
whether it's residential or commercial property interiors.
We've done the research, now let us apply the findings.
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We can also provide (free of charge), ideas and help in choosing color combinations for your
home or commercial property.  Kitchens with accent walls highlighting cabinets and
appliances, custom paint finishes or color combinations for bathrooms, elegant great rooms,
living areas that feel warm and beautiful and every other room between.