Even with todays tough economy, we still provide quick, easy and free painting estimates!
We meet you the home owner at a time that works for you, and we make the process as quick as
possible.  The key to a proper painting estimate is in the questions, detailed questions about the
work to be performed and the desired end result.
A huge factor involved in any painting estimate, deck restoration or any other home makeovers, is
the product used.  Most paint contractors will use decent paint products but never top of the line,
they tend to be more worried about their bottom line than the quality of your home or commercial
property project.  And some even say, well if you use the best or a "lifetime" product, then the
customer won't need you again!  I as a homeowner and contractor, believe this way of thinking is
wrong!  If I paint a customers home and it lasts them a lifetime, well then I have one very satisfied
customer, and they will tell others!  It's as simple as that, everyone knows the best advertising is
word of mouth, happy customers equal more work!
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We need to physically view your
home or commercial project, to not
only see what exactly is involved,
but for you to meet us and gain a
feeling of who we are.
I am the owner and operator,
meaning I will be writing the free
painting estimate and performing
all the work!
As a homeowner this is relieving,
knowing the owner of a company is
going to be completing the work on
their home or commercial property.
Our home improvement estimates are free, we use premium products, our work is meticulous, we
are customer oriented and very helpful with color selection and accents.
We've done the research, now let us apply the findings.
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Often, a closer look at an estimate will reveal the real value and peace of mind that will be found in
the higher bidder.  Unforeseen issues when the low bidder is hired, are short cuts on preparation
and the use of low to mid-grade paint.  This will lead to a failing paint finish within 4 to 7 years on
an exterior of a home, and the whole process being duplicated.
This is why when we paint an exterior we use a premium 100% acrylic paint that has a lifetime
manufacturer warranty.  A warranty from one of the nation’s largest paint manufacturer’s, giving
you real peace of mind with true value!
With a growing number of unemployed individuals we are doing a lot of running, giving estimates for homeowners to have an idea what to pay a family
member to paint their home.  This not only costs us time and money and ads cost to future customers, but means that you will be hiring a pro in the near
future. Painting interiors or exteriors is not an overnight learned skill, many techniques are acquired over the years including product knowledge.