Prep work such as nailing loose boards, wood replacement, caulking with 55 year caulk (with
elasticity, allowing for expansion and contraction without failing), is a must for professional results.
We are fully capable of replacing all rotten wood, and filling any small holes in your homes
exterior, if the holes are to large (generally from wood peckers) we will replace the entire board.
As with any project, professional preparation of all surfaces is a must!  We take great pride in our
detail to all prep work thats needed, cleaning, sanding and caulking.  Sikkens stains offer two
sheens, some are a one coat process and others a two coat.  All Sikkens stain products offer
durability and the ultimate in protection, when applied correctly and completely 100%.  Meaning
we cover every gap, seam, nail head and imperfection, this is the only way to guarantee
maximum protection from the elements.  (especially in Michigan)   
Exterior stains are a beautiful way to show off your homes natural beauty!  Using Sikkens versatile
line up of high quality products, and the proper prep work we can ensure that your homes beauty
stands out.  
Sikkens provides a number of solutions from translucent, clear, semi-transparent, and
colorless maintenance systems.  High Solids Alkyd/oil, Translucent Iron oxide pigment, UV
absorbers, excellent micro porosity & flexibility all give your exterior the best protection possible.  
Two of most used products besides the maintenance clear coats are,
Cetol® SRD
Semi-Transparent Stain which is a one coat non film forming semi-transparent matte wood stain.  
And the
Cetol® Log & Siding which gives outstanding performance in two coats with a satin sheen.
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Stain may be sprayed on, but it
must be rolled or brushed into
the wood before it drys.
Most surfaces of the home
stain is brushed on, this allows
deeper penetration into the
wood and attention to detail.
And never stain in vertical
sections, we always keep a
wet edge horizontally so stain
lines won't appear.
Using premium stains on your homes log and siding will protect you investment and save you
money.  Sikkens premium exterior stains are the best we've found, with professional preparation
and maintenance coats, your homes exterior will stay beautiful and last for years.
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Sikkens exterior stains.
Sikkens best, log and siding stain.
Sikkens log and siding stain color chart
Sikkens Cetol SRD one coat stain in matte finish
Sikkens Cetol SRD home exterior stain