The Timeless technology has cross linked Acrylic that is extremely durable without cracking and
is moisture resistant, with excellent mildew and algae resistance.  Timeless and it's high film
build, gives a much thicker single coat of paint than the leading competitors coatings.  The
coating also has excellent adhesion and will not peel thanks to the cross linking resins.
Timeless may be applied to wood, aluminum siding & gutters, vinyl siding, Masonry brick,
Architectural plastics and many other surfaces.
Apply Pittsburgh Timeless to your homes exterior, it's by far an excellent investment!
The cross linking 100% resin in Manor Hall®
Timeless® Exterior uses the features found in
two-component high-performance coatings to form a
durable bond - in one amazing coat.
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House Exteriors - Never Paint Again!
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Lifetime exterior paint, never paint again!
Ralph Lauren Interior Paints
Exterior maintenance is extremely important, dry rot leads to the decay of your home and the
slow breakdown of it's entire exterior structure.  We offer complete exterior maintenance and
restoration of your home, with wood repair (re-nail and fill holes) and replacement, and caulking
with 55 year caulk that allows for expansion and contraction without failing.
Exterior paint coating technology has achieved the ultimate goal, but it's up to a paint contractor
to ensure that preparation work is completed properly.  And lastly, clean up!
Proper prep and exterior paint coatings that are 100% Acrylic, are the key to exterior painting!
We use the BEST exterior paint with a lifetime warranty!  We do this understanding that we won't
be back in 5 to 7 years to repaint, except if you choose to change the color.  That's peace of mind
for all home owners, to know that you will never have to paint the exterior of your home again!
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We've done the research, now let us apply the findings!
Pittsburgh Exterior Paints
Tri-County Painting, local Michigan paint contractor.
■100% acrylic latex
■Lifetime warranty
■One coat coverage
■Self priming
■Bridges cracks easily
■Maximum brightness
■Moisture and tannin-resistant
■Super adhesion
■Will not crack, flake, or peel
■4-way mildew and algae resistance
■Application down to 35°F (2°C)
Best exterior paint by Pittsburgh Paints
Year    1    $2,700*
Year    5    $3,200*
Year   10   $3,800*
Year   15   $4,500*
Year   20   $5,200*
Year    1    $2,700*
Year    5       0      
Year   10      0      
Year   15      0      
Year   20      0      
* average price to paint exterior
Exterior siding painted with Pittsbugh Timeless