Read our exterior painting and staining pages for more info on Pittsburgh's (never paint
again) Timeless paint, and Sikkens premium home log and siding stains.  And our
commitment to professional exterior prep work, starting with premium caulks that have
elasticity and wood replacement and restoration in Michigan.
Although the cost of premium paints and stains can be as high as $90 a gallon, the total gallons
needed for an exterior is usually minimal.  Compared to the value of your home which is the largest
investment you'll ever have, $400 to $1000 in paint or stain product is extremely minimal!
At Tri-County Painting we have a reputation of being professional, high quality exterior painters.  
Of course we would love to win every painting estimate and have more business than we can
handle, but the truth of it is, we would be cheating our customers.  Our customers would be calling
us back every few years (or sooner) to re-paint or re-stain their homes, when they can have it
painted once and never again, or stained to last for years with the proper maintenance.
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Exterior paint coating technology
has achieved the ultimate goal,
but it's up to a paint contractor to
ensure that the prep work is
completed properly.  And the
key to a professional exterior
finish is detail in caulking, and
covering surfaces 100% with
paint or stain.  Including no drips
on vinyl or brick, no paint or stain
on windows and lastly, clean up!
Exterior home paint contractors use many different grades of paint and stain, including
manufacturers, and more often it's the cheapest possible.  Only a handful of "professional"
painters use premium stains and paint coatings, these are the few that believe in customer
satisfaction and value!  Please view our exterior pages for information on 100% Acrylic paints
from Pittsburgh Paints, and Sikkens premium log and siding wood stains.
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