Refinish your garage floor into an easy to clean, beautiful extension of your home.
Epoxy floors add durability and a great look to your garage or basement.
The trick is proper cleaning and dry time of your current concrete floor, we as
professionals can complete your epoxy project with long lasting results.
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Epoxy floor coatings
Pittsburgh's polyamide AQUAPON 35
Epoxy is a heavy duty industrial coating,
that's ideal for your garage or basement.
Whether it's residential or commercial floor,
epoxy adds value and ease of cleaning.  
Aquapon 35 solvent based Epoxy gives an
excellent gloss sheen in a light grey color.
Cleaning a concrete floor would be achieved by an acid etching process or to grind the top layer
of concrete for a smooth base.  If a floor has been acid etched and power rinsed it has to
completely dry.  Only after the concrete has passed the proper drying time can we apply the first
coat of the Aquapon 35 epoxy coating, after 12 hours the second and final coat can be applied.
If colored flakes are desired, they will be sprinkled on and then a clear coat applied over that.
A 30 day cure time is desired for epoxy floors before parking vehicles or placing equipment.  The
benefits of an epoxy floor completely out weigh the cure time inconvenience, and can be
performed in weather down to 60 degrees.  Aquapon 35 will give your floor a tough, impact,
abrasion and mar-resistant industrial strength coating, clean with ease and no more worries.
Epoxy floor paint with two coats
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