It takes a steady hand and skill to power wash a deck without furring up wood fibers, or leaving
lines and grooves which would be highly noticeable after staining.  We take great pride and care
in power washing your valuable deck and its surroundings so this doesn't happen to yours.
Deck sanding is done when the deck has been power washed to slowly or to many times, it's
affects smooth out the decking boards to bring your deck back near it's original appearance.
Applying deck stain sealers is by brush and roller only!
This process ensures two things, first that no deck stain is accidentally "sprayed" on any part of
the house (which we see all the time), and secondly that the stain is pushed into the decking
boards for proper penetration.
We always use the best deck stain sealer we can buy, we prefer Sikkens wood finishes .
Sikkens is an oil base stain in which you can choose between color and transparency's.  
Depending on what type you choose determines how many coats your deck will receive, sheen
or overall look and how often it should be re-coated.  
Best deck stain!
Sikkens premium deck stains
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Welcome to the deck refinishing page.
Looking for a contractor to power wash
and seal your deck?   
We've been cleaning decks and staining
them for over ten years with satisfied
customers and beautiful results.
If a deck is let go to long you will
greatly diminish the life and overall
beauty of your deck, which will also
drive up the cost of restoration.
By using premium deck sealing
products and proper cleaning methods,
we can bring your deck back to life and
give you a beautiful place to relax.
Deck restoration can be both simple and complex, professional contractors or information is a
must.  Prep work is determined by an evaluation and water test, depending on the desired finish.
Deck preparation can consist of power sanding, finish stripping, board replacement, power
washing, wood brightening, sanding and sealing with premium stains.  Further deck care would
consist of soap and water cleanup, and a maintenance coat (as needed).