I'll say it again, pay the extra money for decent painting tools, even if
you'll only use them once.  You can always sell them on craigslist, a
garage sale, keep for future use or share with neighbors or friends.
Various length paint poles will come in handy for ceilings, walls taller
than 8' or tight hallways.  Paint poles extend almost double their
length and the most common are 4' poles, a 2' pole works great in
hallways and longer poles for vaulted ceilings or great rooms.
Wooster is one of the top leading paint equipment suppliers, click on the link or visit a
professional paint store for more info. (professional tools are a must have!)
The most important tools for painting are a roller frame, roller covers, paint pole, a quality 2" or 2
1/2" angle sash brush and a step ladder for interiors. (exteriors call for larger extension ladders.)
Other items would be drop canvas, flat head screw driver (interior) and a "large" paint tray with
plastic tray liners to make clean up easy.
The larger flat stainless steel paint trays are by far better than the
typical small plastic paint trays sold in the large home improvement
stores.  And don't forget to purchase the large plastic liners to place
inside the trays for quick color changes, and ease of cleaning.
When purchasing paint brushes, expect to pay up to $20 with an
average cost of about $15.  These brushes can last you a lifetime if
they are properly cleaned during and at the end of a project.  It's ok
if you do, but a brush's bristles should never have paint covering
more than half way up to the Ferrel. (medal portion of the brush)
Roller covers can be very confusing, generally a 3/8" to 1/2" nap
works fine for just about every paint coating.  If you're painting a
door or cabinet, use the smallest nap possible made for a smooth
finish.  If in doubt, ask someone at a "professional" paint store.
(many times I've heard misleading information given out at the
large home improvement stores)
Painting tools for the do it yourself painter!
Proper painting tools and paint products make a
world of difference when it comes to painting.
Use a professional paint store, the professional
advice and supplies offered is priceless!
Painting &
Home Painting Tools - Equipment - Supplies!
Tri-County Painting
Farmington Hills, MI.
Interior washable walls with ceramic micro sphere technology
Ralph Lauren Interior Paints
Order online, tools, materials and paint from
Benjamin Moore.
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Wooster roller frames are by far the best, inexpensive frames often
bend and cause headaches and heavy paint lines.  (You get what
you pay for, cheap means...cheap!)  If you and a neighbor, friends,
or family can go in on painting drops (canvas covers), this will save
you money and best protect furniture and floorings.  There are two
types of drops to purchase, runners and fulls.  Runners are about
12' to 15' long and 3' to 4' wide, these run along the edge of walls
while a full covers furniture and center areas of a room.