Years of exterior and interior painting, and an intuitive sense of color combinations has given us
the ability to understand how final colors look and go with each other. (color chips are exact)
Ultimately each color will end up being much more dramatic on walls.
Natural earth tone colors have been popular for years, each of them blending and flowing well
together for beautiful looks.  Typical earth tone combinations include light to medium tans and
browns, medium sage to dark greens, golden mustard tone yellows and wine colored Burgundy's.
We've also used burnt orange tones, and solid black for beautiful accent walls as well.
Any of the above color combinations look great together,
especially tans with a burgundy accent wall, either on it's
own or painted on a back splash of a stained kitchen
cabinet wall.  Even black as a an accent color on a small
wall will give an overall striking look to your home.
Using two colors that are strikingly different but compliment
each other on a homes exterior, are a beautiful way to show off
your homes designed architecture.  Many a times I've been hired
to paint an exterior of a house, and the home owner decided on
one overall color because they were afraid.  Many professional
paint manufacturers offer paint color scheme brochures for
both interior and exteriors.   Independent professional paint
stores such as Pittsburgh Paints and Benjamin Moore stores
carry such brochures, and excellent advice!
If you're not up for multiple colors throughout your home,
try using the same color with an accent color in a slightly
different hue on one or more walls.
Don't be afraid of a color other than white, or using
multiple colors.  Over the years of being a professional
painter, I've only painted one interior in white!  And bolder
colors will definitely set off the interior and exterior of
your home, you'll be thrilled with the finished look.
Interior - exterior home painting color ideas, paint schemes
and combinations.  Paint color selection can be a difficult task,
especially after viewing a manufacturers fan deck (available
colors).  And trying to figure out what color combinations to
use throughout your home can overwhelming!
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