Studded wood walls, glued & nailed for durability.   Insulated ceilings for noise reduction and
walls to keep and even temperature.  Insulate over head pipes to keep condensation down and
you're hot water warmer.  Install dry floor sub system to keep floors dry and adds 6% warmer
temps. We can also install hardwood flooring, tile or epoxy coatings.
We can complete you're entire basement from start to finish, with all electrical completed to
code.  We can add built in shelving or entertainment areas, studded walls with drywall
sanded and painted.  We can also install a wide variety of doors, with complete trim molding
to accent you're basement.  Ceilings can either be a drop ceiling or drywall, and if your
basement is prone to leaks we can install a special sub floor to keep everything dry.
However you decide to decorate you're basement, you'll be extremely thrilled with the look,
function and comfort!  And you'll feel at ease that it will always be a comfortable dry place to relax.
Adding extra room to you're home for entertaining guests, enjoying time alone, have a place for
children to play, or you're very own home theatre!
Tri-County Painting can add all of this from start to finish at a reasonable rate, and a timely manor.
 Whether you design it yourself or give us an idea, we'll build it and the ideas are endless!
Painting &
Basement Remodeling, Studded Walls, Drywall
Tri-County Painting
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Interior washable walls with ceramic micro sphere technology
Ralph Lauren Interior Paints
We can build walls, finished with drywall.
Trim out basement windows, install
doors, door casing and base molding.
A number of choices for flooring!
Hardwood, Tile, Epoxy or Carpet.
Available is the dry floor sub floor
system, giving you a dry floor and 6%
more floor warmth!
We can run all run all your basements
Install insulation on all overhead pipes,
to keep condensation from dripping and
help lower your water heating bill down.
Give you're ceilings a drywall finish or a
variety of drop ceilings.
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