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With your home being the largest investment one will ever make, proper interior and exterior
maintenance is absolutely crucial to reaching it's financial appreciation.
Not to mention saving home owners lots of money and heartache with restoration repairs,
animal infestation, water damage and possible mold issues.

Exterior maintenance is the most important of all maintenance, if a homes exterior fails, the
harsh elements will start to decay and destroy your home rather quickly!
This leads to interior water damage, mold, and the overall breakdown of your homes entire
structure with worst case scenarios of eviction.

Actually the whole process of exterior maintenance is fairly easy, unless of course, the decay
has already been happening for some time.
Picture a shell covering your entire homes exterior, protecting from rain, wind, the suns
ultraviolet rays and the expansion and contraction effects of hot and cold temps.

Pittsburgh Paints has created a superior paint coating that not only protects from all of the
damaging affects of any weather condition, but also gives a lifetime warranty!
This is something home owners all over the world have dreamt of, to be able to paint once and
never again!  
(link to Pittsburgh's Timeless 100% acrylic paint coating)

First and foremost though, an exterior has to be properly prepared for paint.
Siding boards, trim boards and all other areas must be nailed down and caulked properly.  
Tightening up boards and replacing dry rotted wood is fairly easy, and a must, but caulking with
premium 55 year caulk and doing it properly is definitely a must!

Premium caulks have elastomer's that allow for the expansion and contraction of exterior siding
during extreme temperature changes.  This ensures that no gaps occur at any time during the
life of your home, that the Timeless paint can do it's job and protect your home 100%.

After you or a carpenter has made all the necessary repairs to the siding and trim boards,
remove any old loose caulking and replace with new.  First purchase a mid to higher end caulk
gun (much easier to use), then follow directions on the caulk tube and cut off the pointed end.

Place the tube into the caulk gun and gently squeeze the trigger until caulk just starts to come
out the end.  You'll have one of two guns, first one has a button release near the handle to relieve
the pressure so caulk doesn't continually flow.  Second type is an automatic self release gun,
these are very handy but do cost a bit more.  Don't cut to large of a tip from the caulk tube, small
to medium are sufficient, now apply a small bead where needed and rub smooth with an index
finger.  Wetting your finger first helps greatly and wiping your finger clean after each caulk line
allows you to (this may sound bad, but it works) lick your finger each time.  If this isn't something
you can handle, carry a wet rag or small bucket of water.  A finished caulk line is a full bead that
fills the gap completely, is smooth and didn't leave any caulk smeared on nearby areas.

After the caulking is completed, you are now ready to create the (shell) paint to the exterior.
Caulk color doesn't matter because it will be painted over, unless you are caulking next to brick
or any other material that won't be painted.  In this case purchase clear caulk.  FYI, clear caulk
comes out of the tube white and drys clear!

We hope this information was helpful, if you have any questions please send us an email and
we'll help you out.  Or view our painting assistance program below and have us paint with you!
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The importance of exterior home maintenance
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