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With the holidays arriving soon, so will all of your visitors.  Is your home ready?  If not, there’s
always time to re-paint.

Home owners can dramatically change the look and feel in just a weekend, sometimes a day,
by doing some interior painting.  And this type of home improvement is affordable even in the
holiday season, since it typically costs a do it yourself painter $100 or less to paint a room.

And as usual we always spot errors in our home just before family and friends are about to

In the day to day living most of us become somewhat blind to the condition of our homes interior
rooms, including their color.  But when guests are coming, we take a closer more critical look,
and all too often we don’t like what we see. When this happens we are left with a couple of
options, worry or paint!

Nothing changes the appearance and atmosphere of an interior room faster, or more effectively
than a fresh coat of paint.  And giving a room a new look during the Holidays can help lift your
everyone's spirits.

Choosing colors that are appropriate for the season can add a cozy feel, as long as they will
work for you after the Holidays.

Colors that enhance the time of the year are most attractive, yellow golds, deeper browns,
beiges, burnt oranges and deep reds and greens for Christmas or the New Year.

Imagine those special dinners with family and friends, set in cozy warm Holiday colors.  You'll be
guaranteed positive comments, especially if you painted it yourself...or feel good about hiring a
professional to create your Holiday vision.

Pressed for time?  Paint an accent wall in a holiday color that flows with existing wall colors,  A
color change on just one wall can make a huge difference in the feel of a room and takes just a
few hours. And after the Holidays, if you can either paint the remaining walls or change it back to
the previous color.

Expect food stains and finger prints in rooms filled with people, keep in mind that paints with
ceramic micro spheres giving low sheen levels will be more stain-resistant and easier to clean.
These interior paints are much more attractive than a satin or semi-gloss, which most of us use
to use for ease of cleaning.

Premium latex paint offers another nice advantage, It has very low odor—and what little odor it
may have will dissipate very quickly.  And most have low to no VOC's (volatile organic
compounds), this is a peace of mind to you, your family and family pets.

So this Holiday season, give yourself and your family an unexpected gift, a gift of color.  The
cost is extremely reasonable, and a beautifully painted room will provide pleasure throughout
the year!  Plus, if you paint yourself, you'll have bragging rights and have something to be proud

For information on color selection and interior painting, view our
home painting assistance
(HPA) program or we would be happy to provide a free painting estimate.
Painting for the Holidays can dramatically change the atmosphere of your home
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